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Anonymous asked: The last photo on post post/77974670503 (for the bar with clothing)

I’m sorry I can’t seem to find it. I will put in on the blog and hopeully someone will respond who does know where it comes from.

So does anyone know where you can buy this clothing rail?

gvldenbabe asked: can you recommend some good online shops (shipping to europe) which sell beautiful scandinavian pieces & are not that expensive? those are hard to find!

Here are the shops that I know at the moment. Although I’m afraid that most of them are quite expensive.

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goldcollar asked: obsessed with your blog xx

Thank you!

As requested: Black and white bedrooms

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hystericalsiren asked: I splashed a wall in my room with a bunch of colors. Any suggestions on how to decorate it??

Do you mean decorating the room? I would definitely keep it simple. Don’t decorate the room with a lot more colours but that can get a bit extreme (unless that is what you want of course) just pick one or two colours for the decorations in the room. Unfortunately I can’t find really good picture examples except: (unfortunately they don’t give a good overall picture of the room)